Back-Links – What Are They and How Can They Benefit a Website?

In today’s booming internet era individuals are starting up online stores, blogs, websites with great aspirations to reach that coveted “page 1 rank” on Google. In this article, we will be exploring how one can increase their visibility simply by focusing on “back-links” To all those non tech savvy people out there that may be scratching their cranium and pondering “what on earth is a back-link?” we’ll be explaining this term further.

A back-link is a website URL link created by an individual that links from an external Web page not owned by the user, back to the owners website. It can also be called an inbound link. Google crawls a website and has a look at how many back-links/incoming links are pointing to that website and the more credible or authoritative the website where that link is coming from, the higher Google views the owners website, as if many good quality websites are linking to one website then the site must be a good site too.

Some search engines, including Google will choose websites with more back-links to rank higher on up on the search engine results page.

Having relevant and quality back-links are worth their weight in gold. The truth here is that in today’s competitive market space, back-links will take you to the top of a search engine’s page.

A few benefits include:

– Referral Traffic

– Branding

– Building Authority

– Building Relationships

– Promotion

Psychological tests were done with a group of university students. The researcher took a music track, edited one version so that certain parts of the tune were repeated in a loop. Both versions of the song were played during the study. Results have shown that the edited song was a clear cut favorite. The researchers concluded this to the “exposure effect”, a phenomenon in which people grow to like things and concepts simply out of familiarity.

Links can be seen by the public. Repetition of these links nurtures familiarity within the target market. Because links are view able to the users and not just search engines, link building can be used for developing ones brand.

Today, the internet is thriving. Business owners for the most part are jumping on the bandwagon and increasing their brand visibility via eCommerce sites. Today’s entrepreneurs have rich pickings when it comes to marketing their products online. There are heaps of tools and “self-build” sites all designed to help get the common man with a big idea off the ground. This means increased competition in the digital market. One can choose to look at this opportunistically and exploit this growth in their favor. After all competition is healthy to a point. Search engine optimization is a vital weapon in anyone’s arsenal and should definitely not be overlooked. It’s time to take your business forward and start building good quality back links.